Friday, September 21, 2007

Construction zone

Woohoo! This week we welcomed a new arrival to our home - a spanking new central heater. In order to have it installed, Tom had to rip up half of the floor of the living room so they could lay the pipes to the new location. It was not an easy task, and I think it won't be that easy putting it back together again either. In the meantime, we are making due with a smaller living room and a fridge that is next to the couch instead of next to the kitchen. But it is worth it. Slowly but surely we are getting our house the way we want it to be.

We all have a bit of a cold this week, but I think we'll survive all right.

Yesterday Liz got a new a haircut, a bit shorter than it was, but it's fun and fresh. Tom thinks it's a little too short (his hair is probably longer now), but he'll get used to it. We haven't got a picture of the new 'do yet, but we'll be sure to post it as soon as possible.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Change of Seasons

With summer behind us, we are looking towards the fall and winter that await. Evie has resumed swimming lessons, now going every Tuesday morning. Liz is working two days a week at Sterre + Tijl in the center of The Hague. And Tom is busy working for Aveq in Scheveningen. Evie is also now enjoying "Oma Day" every Thursday where she gets to spend the day with Oma Wilma in Zoetermeer.

probably the last beach time of 2007

a very thoughtful little girl

Tom and Evie - what a couple!