Sunday, February 20, 2011

Max's 1st Birthday

Today we celebrated Max's first birthday. Max is Tom & Marieke's son. We gave him a toy train and brought some homemade train cookies. The kids had a fun time playing and eating dinner (swedish meatballs and french fries).
Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday!

He liked the cookies.

The kids table.

The boys at the parents table.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Orange Party

To celebrate my newly-aquired Dutch nationality, we gave an orange party. It was well attended and great fun! Thank you everybody who was there. I had an awesome time!


Cake and Cupcakes by Cherry on Top

Liz & Tom

Oma Oma

Ferre & Emma

Els & Liz


Colleagues from DOK

Delia & Rachel

Jolanda & Aad

Sharon, Lunette, & Menno

Bert & Liz

Danielle & Martijn

Jet & Wilma

Margit tending the bar

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mirre and Evie

Today Mirre came over to play with Evie after school. School lets out at noon on Wednesdays, so the girls had lots of time to play with each other. After lunch they played in Evie's room, where her loft bed became a big boat! When there was some sort of argument, Tom distracted them by providing them with some play-doh. Worked like a charm! The girls made lots of fun things while Tom was busy making the whole zoo with play-doh. He as much fun as they did!

When they were play-doh'd out they watched a little tv.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Whoopie

Today was Elizabeth's birthday. Because of the big party we are having Saturday for her naturlisation, we decided not to do anything special for her birthday. Being a monday, however, meant that Menno came over for dinner. He gave a Whoopie Pie cookbook that we had to try out right away! The whoopies were very easy to make and oh so yummy!!! We made them a lot smaller than "normal" which meant we could actually finish a whole one without getting a tummy ache. The book is really cool with a whole bunch of variations of the whoopie pie. It will surely be a favorite! Thanks, Menno!