Sunday, January 27, 2013

39 weeks

39 weeks pregnant tomorrow... time for the first (and last) bump photo!  It's the final countdown!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Everything is ready!

Just one more week until this baby makes his grand entrance!  Everything is ready for him, especially the diaper situation.  Below you see the complete "stash shot" as in everything cloth diaper related.  We have here:
22 flats
12 prefolds
5 newborn covers
3 infant covers
2 snappis
6 diaper pins
9 alva newborn pockets
2 grovia magic sticks
2 wet bags
1 pail liner (plus 1 in the pail)
2 rolls of liners
24 sunbaby size 2
1 kawaii pocket
84 cloth wipes
12 extra blend inserts
1 small bucket for soiled dipe while finishing diaper change.

In theory, this should get us all the way from birth to potty training.  In reality, though, cloth diapering can become a bit of a hobby and very few people stick with their initial stash.  It's much more fun to try out different brands and "collect" cute prints and brands.  So we will see... I am going to try to hold off on buying/selling until this has "paid for itself," which is in June by my calculations.

We have two changing stations for the next few months.  One in the kids' room and one in the bathroom.  Both are fully stocked and ready to go!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


What good is a little snow if you can't have fun it!  Today Tom took the kids sledding.  Felix requested to be picked up shortly after leaving, so Liz obliged.  Turns out poor little dude is not feeling so well, so we can't blame him for not wanting to enjoy the snow.  In the meanwhile, however, Evie had a blast going down the hillside!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Grandma and Fluff Mail

Two packages in the mail today!!!  The first is nine newborn diapers from Alva Baby.  They are so small in comparison to the Sunbaby diapers.  It's hard to believe our baby will be so small to fit them!  The second package was from Grandma Nan.  Enclosed was a wet bag (for carrying around dirty diapers on-the-go), reusable breast pads, about 70 cloth wipes, and a gorgeous new quilt for the baby!  Thank you, Grandma!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lots of snow!

Winter is in full force in the Netherlands these days.  We've got a nice thick blanket of the snow covering the roads, bike paths, and sidewalks.  The sled is almost the only reasonable form of transportation for getting the kids to and from school.  Just look at Evie this afternoon!  Okay, this may or may not have been taken after having a snowball fight with Tom....

Friday, January 11, 2013

First Fluff Mail

Today we received our first "fluff" mail.  That is the term used in the cloth diapering world for mail that contains diapers.  We never really considered using cloth with Evie and Felix.  After seeing Mandy successfully using cloth on her daughters, we decided to look into it and quickly determined it was too expensive.  Then a few weeks ago we purchased the first few packs of pampers for the new baby and had some serious sticker shock.  Diapers are expensive!!!  Again we (read: Liz) took a deeper look into the world of cloth diapers and discovered there is more than just the top brands.  Enter Sunbaby.  These diapers are so cheap that they "pay for themselves" in as little as a month, depending on how many you buy compared to how much you normally spend on disposables.  We purchased 24, which is enough to cloth diaper fulltime doing laundry every other day or so.  They are "one-size" diapers that grow with your child.  They may not fit the very first few weeks, so we are busy collecting some newborn diapers to fill the gaps.  Here they are!  Aren't they beautiful!  We have two of each print.  Not only will cloth diapering save us money, it is also better for the environment, and so gosh-darn cute! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baby Quilt

Now that Liz has maternity leave, she finally has found the time to work with Evie on a blanket for the baby.  Tom was busy installing a new drain in the bathroom for a washing machine, and before he knew it- BAM! that's a quilt!  Liz made a matching kruikzak with the scraps.