Monday, October 15, 2007

Evie's Progress Report

This week Evie will be 16 months old!!! It really goes by so quickly. She is full of energy and imagination and has an ability to charm everybody who makes her aquaintance.

Her speech has been developing very rapidly the last few weeks. Some of the English words she can say are: juice, please, ears, nose, book, bear, mama, papa, out, tent, apple, nana (banana), ball, dog, two, no, shoes, go, hello, AND, she also is working on her dutch vocabulary: auto, toeta (toetje), kaka (koekje), neus, boek, oog, beer, appel, bal, ba, toet-toet, eten, op, klaar, opa, nee, ja, tent. I'm sure there are more, but it's hard to remember them all!!

One of her favorite activities is coloring and using her finger paints. She has definetly inherited her father's artistic abilities. Using a pen to draw all over regular papers is also a favorite. Last month she figured out how to erase her Magna Doodle after drawing something.

Evie is very good at playing on her own. She loves rearranging her teddy bears and having them sit with her on her chair. She has a great imganation and is very caring with her toys. If she has a snack or a drink, she always offers some to her dolls. She has renamed Barbie "Party" and loves taking off all her clothes.

Reading books is one of her favorite pasttimes. She has now discovered Dr. Seuss and loves reading the ABC book every night before bed. She is starting to memorize them. We say, "nine new neckties, and a nightshirt, and a... " "nose!" Evie likes gathering a couple of books and then snuggling up in our laps to read them. Absolutely wonderful!!!!